Se2200a vs Rode NT2a: 7 differences you should know

The Se2200a and the Rode NT2a are considered good quality mic in the affordable range. If you are considering which one to buy, the following comparison will help.

Their main difference is that the Rode NT2a picks ups less noise and is more natural sounding. The Se2200a, on the other hand, has a more flattening sound but have a stronger boost at the high end.


Differences between Se2200a and the Rode NT2a

  1. 🎤 Noise pickup: In the mid and high range, the noise pickup by the Se2200a is more obvious esp when it reaches 10K. In contrast, the Rode NT2a is much quieter.
  2. 🎧 Sound quality: Rode NT2A has a softer and natural sound while the Se2200a is more flattening. However, the latter can be more easily driven.
  3. Top end boost: The Se2200a shines in this department while the Rode NT2a will need some help in the top end portion.
  4. 🎙 Setting options: The Rode NT 2A has more settings including pad and high pass filter switches. In comparison, the Se2200a ii has only the pad options, allowing you to select between -10db and -20db pad.
  5. Volume Pick up: Both are pretty similar but in the low sound level i.e. less than 2 db, the Rode NT2A isn’t as good.
  6. 🎻 Bass recording: Se2200 a picks up more bass. If you don’t like too much bass in your recording, you will need a high pass filter to block them out.
  7. ⚖️ Weight: The Se2200a is lighter, considering it has a tripod.

Rode Nt2A review

The Rode NT 2A is between an entry level mic and a really high end one, like the C14 which costs around $1000. Here are some its pros and cons


  • Quality is comparable to studio level recording with a few minor minuses here and there
  • Works for female vocalist even at high pitches.
  • You get 3 selectable pickup patterns – the cardioid model is the one that will be most used for natural voice pickup. The other 2 models will give you higher gains and
  • Build quality is solid and durable
  • Bundled with a mount and pop filter


  • Price is on the higher end of this tier of mics.
  • No hard case for the mic so you need to pay extra for this. Added to the already higher prices and you can see why some reviewers didn’t give this a 100% mark

On a side note, if you are intending to hang this mic and place it is an unconventional position, it is a good idea to get a more sturdy mic stand.

The mic is heavy and you will want a mic stand that hold it firmly without dropping. I recommend the Atlas MS-20E as it has a 14 pound base to provide a strong support for the mic. The Atlas brand also carries the PB15 boom arm in case you need your mic to be movable. It has a double lock feature which makes your mic super secure when being moved.

Rode NT2a vs NT1a

If you have used NT1a before and have a bad experience, let me assure you that the NT2A is a totally different beast.

The main difference between Rode Nt2aA vs Nt1A lies in the audio quality. While the Nt1 sounds a bit hollow, the NT2A produces studio quality recording. The sound is smoother and more natural.


Se2200a review

The Se2200a is another solid mid tier mic. Below are its pros and cons


  • Sound quality is on par with the Rode Nt2a, except for a few instances which I have shared above. It is clear and crisp, with only noises in the higher gain area.
  • Price is cheaper than the Rode Nt2a
  • Light weight mic
  • Bundles with mount and pop filter


  • Only 2 settings compared to Rode Nt2A’s 3
  • Picks up more noise, especially at the higher gain.


Best mic for recording female vocals: Se2200 or Rode Nt2A?

For female vocalist, the mic has to handle the higher pic well. In this case, Rode Nt2A is the clear winner. It is noticeable quieter on the high gains as well as providing a more smoother sound quality.

The downside that the mic is pretty heavy. However, since it is used for recording and not live singing, you should not have any issues with the weight.


Best mic for recording bass guitar: Se2200 or Rode Nt2A?

The Rode Nt2A is better suited for vocals.

In contrast, the Se2200 a II handles bass more effectively, even at higher gains.



Overall, the Rode NT2a will be a better choice if you can afford the additional $100 over the Se2200a. It is a quieter mic that gives a more natural sounding quality.

It is also has more settings that give you better flexibility in terms of how to use it.

However, if you have a budget constrain, the Se2200a is not a bad choice at all, especially when you compared again other similar mid tier mics.

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