Best vocal mic setup for drummer

In our review of the best live vocal mic under 300, we didn’t touch on the set up issues that one might face. One particular tricky situation is with drummers. Among the musical instruments, drums take up the most space and demand a lot of configuration. Adding a live vocal microphone to this setup will mean more potential issues. To avoid problems, this guide will tell you what is the best set up to use for a drummer’s vocal mic.


Step 1: Select the right microphone

Microphones are not created equal. Some of omnidirectional ie. they can pick up sounds from all directions or uni directional. For a drummer, it is better to use a uni directional mic to avoid picking up too much sound from the drums, rather than your vocals. One of best vocal mic that does this is the Shure Beta 54. It is very strict in the sense that it only picks up sound that is directly in front of it. As such, it is super ideal to act as a drummer’s live vocal mic.

Another option to consider is the Heil PR-22UT vocal mic. It doesn’t require any phantom power as it is a dynamic mic which makes things a lot easier. Compared to the Shure 58, it has a a fuller output that is louder and more crisp. It also has a comparable ability to pick up only the vocal sound and ignore the drumming music.


Step 2: Pick the right microphone stand

Next is deciding how you want to set up the microphone. An ideal set up is using the “Clamp it” holder as pictured below. It doesn’t interfere with your drumming and can be adjusted to the height where it is comfortable for you to sing.

The Clamp-It - Drummer Mic Stand Holder

Compared to the tradition mic on a boom set up, this holder doesn’t get in the way as much, even if you like to move a lot during your performance.


Wireless vocal mic set up

If you don’t like the idea of a corded mic, another set up is to use a wireless headset set up. The problem is that these usually expensive to buy. Fortunately, there is a way to setup wireless mic without spending on that money. All you need is the Shure WH20XLR dynamic mic. Add an inline switch for it and it works wonder as a wireless mic. When using this set up, you need to have a stronger vocal projection for the mic to pick up the sound. If your vocals are not strong enough, stick to the first set up I recommended.

Another thing to note: using this mess up your hair though 🙂

Editor’s message: Be careful that you choose the WH20XLR instead of the WH30XLR. The former is a dynamic mic while the latter is a condenser mic that needs its own phantom power. Needing phantom is troublesome especially for a gear intended to be used wirelessly. Stick with the WH20XLR.



Getting a vocal mic in front of the drummer in a way that wouldn’t interfere with the drumming is always difficult. Hopefully, this set up guide has enough information to let you know how best to go about doing it.

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