Best Pedal for Thr10 To Achieve Different Sounds

Have you wondered how well Thr10 takes pedals and what kind of set ups can bring out its power? This is the guide that you need.

My recommendations for the best pedal for Thr10 under different settings:

  • Drive pedals on the bass setting to create clean tones
  • Distortion pedals on the clean setting to create distortion effects
  • Preamp pedals for the flat setting to turn Thr10 into a speaker box for non guitar instruments
  • Looper, delay and reverb pedals if you want unique effects with your playing style
  • Overdrive pedals in general don’t work too well out of the box with the Thr10 as plenty of adjustment is needed

For more details on how the above works, read on to find out:


Understanding how Thr10 works

First thing is first. Thr10 is a digital amp and not a tube or solid state amp. It already has inbuilt tones and effects that might meet your playing style, thus eliminating the need for any additional pedal effects.

In fact how much you get out of your Thr10 depends on how well you know your way around this digital amp. Below are some tips and tricks you should take advantage of:

  • Create speaker box: Use the flat setting and turn your Thr10 into a speaker box for non guitar instruments.
  • Achieve overdrive: A common mistake one mistakes when attempting the overdrive is to max out the dials on gains, master and volume. That will make the amp sound really terrible. The right setting should be to max out your master while keeping gains and volume neutral.
  • Use the bass setting: Blame it on the label but most folks choose the ‘clean setting’ when they want a clean tone. Unfortunately, the right setting should be bass.

However, there are certain things that the Thr10 cannot do and this is where pedals come in handy. In the next section, I will list some examples of such effects and what is the recommended pedals to achieve those effects:


Types of pedal for Thr10

  • Drive pedals: This is to enforce the clean tone that the Thr10 can produce under its bass setting. It is not really necessary unless you really want to drive the clean tone up.
  • Distortion pedal for Midsong control: Sometimes, you might to control the stopping and starting of effects during midsong. This is when having a pedal helps. A good model will be Proco rat. This pedal fits well with Thr10 specifically and lets you achieve easy midsong control. The Proco rat is famous of being a solid distortion pedal, which it is. The crunch tone is excellent and it is easy to achieve distortion with just 10% turn of the dial.
  • Looper pedal: Having the ability to loop helps to create new effects, overlap effects as well as writing songs. One of the best looper pedal is the Electro-Harmonix 720. You can stop with one click and the erasing is also silent. A cheaper alternative is the TC Ditto. However, you need to double click to stop which is very cumbersome during live stage. It also has less memory space and is not completely silent during erasing.
  • Delays: Having control over the duration and occurrence of delays gives you the opportunity unique audio experiences. The Boss DD3 is a nice delay pedal that has some nice tricks you can do using riffs. It also offers a killer feedback loop. Best of all, it is very durable and las you for years even if you play it everyday.
  • Reverb pedals: Thr10 has only 3 inbuilt reverbs so there is always opportunity to add more unique ones for more versatility in your playing. Boss RV-6 is a quality reverb pedal with 8 models and plenty of options to play around with. A cheaper alternative will be Donner digital reverb. It has 7 modes but comes at a much cheaper price. To be fair though, its sound quality will not be studio standard but for casual playing, it is more than sufficient.


Pedals for the Thr10 is not completely necessary if you are looking for basic effects and tones. There are quite a number of useful settings and model within the Thr10 to satisfy a beginner or a casual player.

However if you want to add certain effects and to achieve certain tones, then pedals can be a good way to power up your amp. I have listed several pedals types and what specific models to consider.

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