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While it is not an easy topic to pinpoint, and not many guitar players have managed to agree on it, finding a guitar amp that “handles pedals well” is still a hot topic for discussion. This is because guitar players have encountered guitar amps which sound good on their own, but give unsatisfying mushy and messy distortion with an overdriven pedal.


Pedal Amp Comparison Table

ModelOur Rating
Fender Blues Junior III reviewFender Blues Junior III

A versatile pedal amp that can go from high to low without much issues
4.5 stars
Fender Hot Rod DeVille 212 III reviewFender Hot Rod

One of the most powerful and kick ass tube amp for its price
4 stars
VOX AC15C1 guitar combo amp reviewVox AC15C1

Combo amp lovers will surely fall in love with this adjustable amp with dreamy sounds
4 stars


Editor’s Choice: Fender Blues Junior III

Fender Blues Junior III review

If you like to skip all the words and just want to know what is our pick for the best amp pedal then the answer is this:  Fender Blues Junior III (You can read the detail review if you want to).

This affordable amp is flexible enough to offer you different sounds from crispy to low bass. This means whether you are a blues or a guitar bass player, this amp is suitable if you want to hook it up to your pedals.

The best thing about it is that it handle distortions from pedal very well. Distortions are killers of great music when it cannot be bought under control. Fortunately, with this amp, it is easy to do so.

Trust us and get this one. You wouldn’t regret it!


What to look for when choosing a guitar amp for effect pedals

In fact, many guitar players have observed that modern simulation guitar amps generally do not respond well when pedals are used. One possible reason is the fact that these modelling and simulation amps already have digital effects built into them, which makes them generally unlikely candidate to be paired up with an effect pedal, especially an analog pedal.

Many guitar players who use effects exclusively through pedals also prefer to use amps with more clean headroom. This will ensure that the amp can stay clean during gigs without introducing its own distortion and add unwanted distortion to the pedal.


Solid state or tube amps?

Another possible issue is that most of the time solid state amps are not recommended for guitar pedals. However, this is a generalisation and careful consideration and experimentation should be carried out to verify this for yourself. One possible explanation as to why solid state amps are not popular among pedal fans may be the fact that these amps do not generally respond as well to being overdriven, compared to tube amps.

Tube amps also have a characteristic warmth and rich bass, which makes them suitable for the rich distortion and effects, such as reverb, offered by pedals.

In any case, if you are going to use a pedal most of the time, make sure to bring your favourite pedals along when you are about to try a new amp. The rule of thumb still applies: if it sounds good, it is good. At the end of the day, it does not matter as much whether the amp is a solid state, tube or modelling amp. It matters more whether you like what you hear.


Best amps for pedals reviews

In this section, we will looking at some of the best amps for different kind of needs. Be it for loud rocky music, or soft clean blues, we pick the amp that will make your music sound good!


Best clean guitar amp for pedals

Fender Blues Junior III review

Fender amps have long been praised for offering amazing crystal clean tones that cranks up nicely when overdriven. And the Fender Blues Junior III is no exception.

Whether you covet that bluesy groovy tone or a crisp pop-punk sound, the Blues Junior III got you covered in a nice little package. The EL-84 tubes gives that signature warm and rich tone, with fat mids, clear bass, sweet swinging highs and spring reverb.

The Fender Blues Junior III also has tons of clean headroom for a 15-watt amp, making sure your gig will have just the right amount of distortion, when you need it.

The clean and FAT boost channels, which can be controlled with a footswitch, gives you a convenient way of switching from clean to overdrive without breaking a sweat.

And if you are a pedal advocate, fret not. This little amp handles distortion and other effect pedals extremely well.

Affordable, responding well to effect pedals, providing amazing headroom and signature tube tone, the Fender Blues Junior III is the perfect practicing and gigging amp for the most loyal of pedal fans.


Best tube amp for pedals

Fender Hot Rod DeVille 212 III review

If you a a follower of the tube amps cult, you MUST try the Hot Rod DeVille.

That might have sound like an overstatement, but any experienced guitarist will tell you there is little in the market that can surpass the amazing tube tone provided by this tone monster.

From charming tube warmth to thunderous bass and sweet highs, this baby enchants even the most critical guitar players. What’ more, she is built to last! Once you bring her home, be prepared to stick with her for a major part, if not all, of your playing journey.

What is better than a kick*** tube guitar amp? A kick*** tube amp that actually goes well with your favourite pedals! Feel free to plug in your favourite pedals and turn up the gain to experience up to 60 watts of pure tube goodness and legendary Fender sound.

For this kind of power and sound quality, this is probably the lowest price guitar tube amp that you can find on the market today. There are always cheaper ones but they don’t sound as good or as powerful.

The only downside is its weight. It is kinda heavy to move around so if you are thinking about a portable amp, this might require a bit of work from you when shifting from location to location.


Best combo amp for pedals

VOX AC15C1 guitar combo amp review

VOX amps have long been known for their versatility, solid build, and a vintage sound and feel. This 15-watt little beauty offers two channels: Normal for clean and Top-boost for gain, with volume and tone-shaping controls for each, allowing you to tweak the sound to your liking.

A Tremolo effect is also available with adjustable speed and depth, giving a dreamy and atmospheric feel. The on-board reverb and tremolo can be adjusted using a VOX VFS2 footswitch. The volume control is also good as there is a separate control for each channel as well as a master control for all channels.

This baby can also handle effect pedals extremely well, so you can go ahead with plugging in your favourite pedals without worrying the amp will sound mushy. Great amp for practicing and small gigs.



As the general rule goes, if it sounds good, it is good. The most reliable way of choosing an ideal guitar amp to go with your pedals is to actually try out the amp with the pedals. While  tube amps are generally favoured for effect pedals, those who prefer solid state guitar amps might just find one that respond well to their effects. It takes experimentation to actually find out.

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