Jasmine s35 vs Yamaha fg700s: Which is the better beginner guitar?

Jasmine S35 and Yamaha FG700S are both great inexpensive and easy guitars to play for beginners, especially if you are looking the best guitars for short and fat fingers. Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between these hugely popular models.


Jasmine S35 vs Yamaha FG700S: The Similarities

Body type

Both these models feature dreadnought acoustic guitars. This body type is usually popular among folk, bluegrass, country and rock acoustic guitar players.


Both the Jasmine S35 and Yamaha FG700S feature rosewood fingerboards.



Jasmine S35 vs Yamaha FG700S: The Differences


The Yamaha FG700S features a solid sitka spruce top while the Jasmine S35 features a laminated spruce top. Solid top guitars usually tend to give fuller, warmer sounds and better volume and projection, although there are exceptions where high quality laminated top guitars come close or even outperform certain solid top guitars. The Jasmine S35 has received great reviews with regards to its sound quality and tone despite being a laminated top guitar.

The Jasmine S35 comes with laminated back and sides, whereas the Yamaha FG700S comes in various choices: nato, mahogany or rosewood.


The Jasmine S35 is smaller than the FG700S. If you have a small stature or short stubby fingers, the Jasmine S35 might be a better fit for you. However if you prefer guitars with larger bodies for better projection and volume, then the FG700S might be your pick.

The Jasmine S35 also has a slimmer neck compared to the FG700S, making it one of the top choices for beginners or guitar players with short or fat fingers.


The sound provided by the Yamaha FG700S has been described as generally fuller and richer compared to the Jasmine S35, which is largely due to the former’s solid top material.

However, the Jasmine S35 has also been said to give a surprisingly bold sound and amazing quality for its price. The best way to verify these comparison is to try these guitars yourself!


The Jasmine S35 is well below $100 while the Yamaha FG700S is a little below $200. Both are extremely affordable and well worth the price tag if you ask me!



Generally, the Jasmine S35 would make a better fit for someone looking for a guitar to suit their small stature or fat fingers. If you don’t have a prejudice against laminated top guitars, or if you’re just starting to learn to play and would like an inexpensive guitar to start with, then the Jasmine S35 is definitely worth checking out.

On the other hand, if you have a bit more knowledge about guitars, or if you already have an idea of what kind of sound you want to achieve, and would like a slightly more versatile option or a bigger, warmer and fuller tone, be sure to check out the Yamaha FG700S.

In any case, I strongly encourage you to try both models and see for yourself the similarities and differences, before making a decision to choose one. Good luck!

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