Best Mic that Doesn’t Pickup Background Noise

Want a mic that just picks up your voice without recording the background noises and mouse clicks, or when you are in a loud room or noisy environment? This list of recommended mics is for you!

The best mic that doesn’t pickup background noise is the Audio Technica ATR2100. With a focus on recording just the sound that is front of it, it doesn’t pick up any unnecessary noise from the side or back. Its affordable price tag and easy set up are pluses as well.


Audio-Technica ATR2100 review


One of the best dynamic mic around is the ATR2100. Due to its cardioid polar pattern, the mic only focuses on the front and eliminates the sound from the side and back. That significantly reduces the background noises it picks up, compared to the likes of Blue yeti or Blue snowball.


  • Background noise pickup: Very minimal. As explained above, this is the key benefit of this mic for any person using it for podcasting, streaming or youtubing. The other branded mics simply pick up everything from the sound of the fan to the clicks of the mouse. The ATR2100 doesn’t do that, at least not in the same level.
  • Price: The ATR2100 cost less than other competitors like Blue Yeti. The difference can be 20-30%, depending on where you buy it from.
  • Easy set up: This mic is has a simple plug and play connection. Simply connect via the usb port and you are done.


  • Fuzzy sound: You might hear some fuzzy sound if you up the gains too much increase the volume of the voice. The good news is this fuzzy can be easily removed easily Audacity. Usually, I just leave it in because it is not really THAT noticeable.
  • Limited settings: This is a beginner’s mic. It does not have any many advanced setting as the more expensive brands. However, if you are using it for bedroom recording, it is more than enough.

Protip: If you are too near the mic, it will pick up the ‘pops’ sound. Try to have at least 6 inches of space and you will be fine. Adding a pop filter will also help.


Behringer Ultravoice Xm8500 Review

Behringer Ultravoice Xm8500

The Behringer Xm8500 is an entry level dynamic mic that is also pretty good when it comes to canceling out the background noise. Quality wise, I would put this on the same level as the Shure SM58.


  • Background Noise Pickup: It has a similar cardioid polar design as ATR2100 so it doesn”t pick up sound from its side or back. The focus is only the front.
  • Price: Very cheap. I don’t think you can find another similar quality mic that is as cheap as the Behringer Ultravoice Xm8500.
  • Looks expensive: Despite the cheap price, the build quality is excellent. Nobody will know this is a $20-30 mic! The metal casing look sleek and even comes with a mic holder that has a snug fit.


  • No usb: Having no usb is the biggest drawback for this mic, which is why it was not my top recommendation. If you have no need for recording then this is fine. For me, I want to record my singing or podcast so this is a big downer.

Behringer xm8500 vs Atr2100

If you can’t decide between the two, here is what separates them.

The main difference between a Behringer XM5800 vs ATR2100 is that the former lack a usb connection. The two are similar in terms of their ability to keep out background noise but the XM5800 is much cheaper than the ATR2100.


Tips to prevent your mic from picking up background noise

If you want a better recording experience that is free from background noise and mouse clicks, here are some additional tips and tricks to consider:

  • Condenser vs Dynamic Mic: A condenser mic tend to pick a wider coverage area so it is not ideal if you want to avoid the background noises. Having said that, a dynamic mic will not solve the problem entirely without some additional accessories. However, it can at least minimize the noise you will be picking up.
  • Use software for post editing: Another option is to use something Adobe Premier Pro, if you have it, to reduce the background noise to a minimal. A tutorial on how to do this is beyond the scope of this article but it can be easily found via a simple search on Google.
  • Get additional accessories: One set of accessories that will help immensely without costing a lot is a boom arm and a pop filter. The boom arm helps to position the mic closer to your face which helps it to narrow the recording surface area. The pop filter is to ensure a better quality voice when the mic is so near your face.

If you need a recommendation for a boom arm mic stand, you can try the innogear boom arm set. The good thing is that a pop filter and windshield is already incurred so you don’t need to incur additional shipping cost to get these from other sellors.

The Innogear works well with a lot of leading microphone brands include blue yeti and blue snowball.

More importantly, the arm will not sag when you mount the mic onto it. However there are some issues with the part that mounts to the table. Some reviewers said it is not as stable as they like, although for its price, this con can be tolerated.



If you are looking for the best mic that does not record background noise, I highly recommend either the ATR2100 or the Behringer xm8500. The latter is really value for money but it comes with no usb connection. If you need that, the ATR2100 will be a better choice despite its higher price.

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